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Hamilton Demolition Contractors is one of the most trusted companies in Hamilton and Waikato Regions. It has long been our policy to ensure economical and eco-friendly techniques in performing earthworks and excavation works. 

What is Excavation?

Excavation is the process or moving earth, rocks, and other materials using hard equipment.  We do trenching, wall shafts, and tunnelling for exploration, environmental restoration, or construction of new tenements. 
We understand that excavation can be a dangerous process, which should only be done by highly-skilled and experienced professionals. This is why you should only trust Hamilton Demolition Contractors. A
We unique techniques, tools, and machinery that will get the job done right. For many years, we have been providing Hamilton and Waikato Region the most reliable earthworks and demolition services.

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Excavation and Earthworks in Hamilton

We take all types and sizes of earthworks to enable projects including the construction of:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Schools and universities
  • Storage facilities
  • Sewerage facilities
  • Shopping centres
  • Garages
  • New roads
  • Bridges
  • Railway Systems
  • Real estates
  • Landfills
  • Recreational centres
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Earthworks In Hamilton

Why Hire Us?

Safety has always been our priority when doing earthmoving and excavation in Hamilton. We don’t only take care of our employees, staff, and contractors. But we also ensure the designated work site follows engineering standards and comply with state regulations. It helps us to carry out work safely and prevent unwanted misfortunes. Morever, it is also the reason why our contractors have been loyal to Hamilton Demolition & Earthmoving Service.


Value for Money
Our projects always come with a detailed quote. Everything is well-accounted for and provided for you in full transparency. No hidden cost. We ensure that you will get your most-deserved return for every investment.


We have seen many excavations projects crumble due to substandard equipment and execution. With Hamilton Demolition Contractors, we ensure to use only branded equipment and proven methods. Our contractors will use their extensive experience to ensure that ever job is done well. As well as providing a high-quality earthworks service, we also provide demolition and asbestos removal. Feel free to contact us anytime.