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Home or building demolition is an indescribably challenging project that requires licensed and fully committed individuals to provide you with the results that are going to be able to last. Before your space can be revitalized into new infrastructure or tenement, we take the dirty work to pave way for fresh new ideas.  

Every demolition project requires unique planning and execution. Our experience allows us to guide our clients in the proper demolition and site remediation approach in compliance with government regulations and health and safety protocols. Comprehensive planning for every project, seamless execution, and proper aftercare minimizes future client liability.  

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We pride ourselves on fully certified contractors who have extensive experience in demolishing buildings, homes, and other infrastructures. Our contractors have undergone training and seminars every year to keep abreast with the latest rules and safety regulations.

Goal Driven

We pride ourselves on fully certified contractors who have extensive experience in demolishing buildings, homes, and other infrastructures. Our contractors have undergone training and seminars every year to keep abreast with the latest rules and safety regulations.


We are always looking for unique and imaginative ways to reduce destruction operations. Our methods are environmentally friendly and for every demolition project, we ensure to salvage as much as we can.

Overview of Services:

Building Demolition

We have licensed building demolition contractors committed to tackling demolition projects using the highest safety standards. Our core areas are in Hamilton and Waikato region but if you live outside yet near these cities, you may contact us and we will see how we can help.


We provide excellent earthworks and excavation services for exploration, environmental restoration, construction, and mining. We can do trenching, wall shafts, tunneling, and underground earthworks in preparation for the construction of buildings, foundations, reservoirs, and roads.

Concrete Driveways

Need help with your driveways? If you’re looking for a professional contractor who can help with the concrete application, restoration, or repair for your driveways, you can rely on us. We also do driveway demolition in preparation for a new project.

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Other Special Services

Asbestos Removal

Looking for an asbestos removal company in the Hamilton area? Trust only our licensed contractors who are trained and experienced in handling asbestos removal and disposal. We can provide a structural plan on how asbestos is removed, packed, and disposed of after a thorough inspection of the project site. Asbestos is a harmful chemical that can lead to health hazards. Leave it to the professionals. Out of state junk removal can be catered by Junk Removal Provo.  Junk removal is also part of complete demolition for buildings and other concrete edifice. Every junk removal or asbestos removal shall be carried by licensed and certified professionals, with compliance from council and other regulatory boards. Feel free to call us to get more information.

Concrete Cutting

An incision that forms a concrete wall or flooring essentially requires skilled operators and precision in the execution of methodology. Our contractors are not only skilled in this particular job but our modern technology does away with the noisy and messy traditional concrete grinding methods and further finishings. Call us if you need help with cutting bricks, concrete, asphalt, masonry, tiles, and other tough materials.


Before any demolition projects, we consider several factors to ensure the precise application of strategies and techniques and minimize damage. If you need a piece of expert advice on your demolition project, especially when it comes to asbestos removal and disposal, our specialist will be there to assist you.

Health and Safety of Personnel

Asbestos is a harmful element that kills about 5000 workers every year. This is why we always keep our contractors in check before and after demolition projects. Professional workers are also trained with the removal, handling, and disposal of asbestos. We have the right equipment and decontamination units in place to ensure a safe work area.

Partnership Culture

We partner with trusted companies to ensure a steady supply of resources for our demolition works. It helps us get top talents in the industry and allow us to deliver high-end services for all our clients.

Supervision & Control

When you work with Hamilton Demolition Contractors you can leverage a thorough, safe, and outstanding service. We supervise every work that is done and ensure compliance with safety regulations and other relevant government legislation. This also allows us to spot potential issues and work on problem-based solutions to resolve any issues that may arise in the future.

Top-Notch Demolition Company

It is our mission to provide transparency with our clients from planning to the executing stage. We use high-quality equipment and bespoke demolition service for all types of infrastructure.

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